Track and Trace,
the Smpl way.

Create transparent and auditable value chains
with Smpl TRACE

A turnkey solution for hemp producers

Our TRACE platform is designed specifically with the hardworking hemp producer in mind. It provides the ability to establish and maintain a convenient yet secure record of origin for seed, crop, and processed goods.


Our system provides a digital fingerprint for crop and products that once registered cannot be modified, providing highly reliable and secure information.


All information that is stored on our blockchain can be easily cross-referenced with records maintained by regulators and verified by third parties.


Allows seed producers, farmers, and processors to prove the legitimacy of their operations, plants, and products to regulators and customers.

Featuring an easy to use inteface for web, desktop, and mobile.

Our applications provide a great amount of flexibility to support your operations. Our mobile application and website gives farmers and processors in-field access to the platform anytime they need it.

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Packaged with world class service.

We provide a solution that is designed for users.
There’s no need for added complexity when something Smpl will work just fine.

User Friendly

A software solution is only as good as its user experience can allow, and TRACE is no different. We take a “user first” approach towards development that includes future users in the design and testing process. This allows us to provide a top-notch experience on web, mobile, or desktop that is both intuitive and easy to use.

Dedicated Service

All of our software comes with a top-tier service guarantee. If any of our users or customers ever have an issue or question, we’re just a quick call or message away anyday of the week (yes, that even includes weekends).

From a highly dedicated team.

At Smpl AgTech, we’re dedicated to providing leading technologies to the hemp production industry. It is our mission to develop solutions that make producing hemp easier for hard working American farmers and businesses that are seeking the opportunities that such a robust crop provides.

Founded in 2019 to address issues in hemp production and regulation, Smpl provides leading software technologies that give growers and processors the ability to prove their legitimacy to regulators while being able to operate transparent and cost-efficient value chains.

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