It Starts With a Problem…

The hemp industry presents many challenges for those looking to start new and innovative operations. Several unneeded problems exist that could prove detrimental to the industry. As a company dedicated to providing solutions to hemp producers, we believe it is our mission to address these problems.

Hemp is Hard

Because of the lack of infrastructure and knowledge, growing quality, high-yielding hemp is fairly difficult.

Regulations are Confusing

The lack of clarity in regulations regarding the growing, processing, and distribution of hemp hampers the potential profitability of the market.

A Lack of Trust

It can be hard for producers to vet and establish trusted relationships with customers and suppliers due to a lack of mechanisms that establish legitimacy

Which results in a lack of control…

The three problems above directly result in a lack of supply chain control for producers. Without understanding what drives better yields, how to prevent legal issues, or who to buy from and sell to, a producer cannot achieve a truly effective operation.

For a Processor,

…that does not know exactly how their hemp biomass is grown, where it has been, or how it has been handled is exposing themselves to a large amount of unneeded risk. The amount of valuable data that is lost by not knowing your upstream processes is astounding.

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And a Farmer,

…that does not know where their crop is going or where their seed actually came from is also exposed to risk. According to federal regulations, if a hemp plant contains more than 0.3% THC, it is considered marijuana. This means it is subject to seizure and disposal by authorities. By having accurate knowledge of your seed sources, you can mitigate your risk for a crop testing “hot.”

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And a Seed Producer.

…that does not have access to growth and yield information has lost the ability to produce better strains. In this circumstance, not having downstream information can mean the difference between a successful and innovative company and insolvency. Having access to data about your seed strains after they’ve been planted commercially can drive cost-effective quality assurance and product development.

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So how are these problems being addressed?

Hemp producers need a way to prove that they are legitimate operations that produce legitimate products AND communicate this information effectively with their supply chain partners.

Enter, Smpl TRACE

Smpl TRACE is an easy to use turnkey platform that provides end-to-end tracking and tracing for hemp producers. TRACE gives seed producers, farmers, and processors greater control over their supply chains and allows for a high degree of visibility when establishing compliant processes.

It’s Immutable

By providing an immutable record (what we call a “digital fingerprint”) for crops and products, TRACE can establish the legitimacy of operations that are enrolled on the platform. The digital fingerprint of a crop can be traced back to the compliant and certified seed it started out as. 

It’s Auditable

The information is contained on a Distributed Ledger (or Blockchain) that is maintained by Smpl. When a product is produced, processed, or transported, it is recorded on the ledger, allowing for a high degree of transparency and auditability. 

It Migitates Risk

All a TRACE user has to do to prove the legitimacy and compliance of their operation is provide their account ID, which is directly linked to the digital fingerprint of all seeds, plants, or products that are currently owned by the user. 

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